Monan's Rill Community

The Land

When the land was purchased, the creek that runs through it was already named Monan’s Rill, from a line in a poem written by Sir Walter Scott:

“The stag at eve had drunk his fill, where danced the moon on Monan’s Rill.”


The community took on this name, as we share the land with water, wild deer, and a vast night sky. The creek which runs through the heart of the community feeds the two ponds that we use for swimming, fishing, azolla harvest, and fire protection.

A large organic garden and orchard (with apples, pears, plums, figs, cherries, persimmons, peaches and grapes) helps to supplement our varied diets.  The native oaks, madrones and firs provide shade from the summer sun. Historically, we have had a variety of livestock, and there is a large pasture for this purpose. Hiking trails weave their way across the hillsides.  We share the land with coyotes, foxes, deer, birds, mountain lions, snakes, jackrabbits and wildflowers.

The houses, community buildings, garden and pasture are clustered in one corner of our 414 acres of land.  The rest is oak grassland, chapparal and managed wild forest. Monan’s Rill is located approximately 25 minutes from downtown Santa Rosa, California.


Water and Energy

Our water comes from a spring and a well. We also recently installed a 60,000-gallon rainwater catchment tank, and use that for our summer garden.

Just a short while ago we also completed installation of a community solar array. Very soon we will be getting the majority of our energy from the sun!