Monan's Rill

Housing and Community Buildings

Monan’s Rill Houses

We have twelve individual houses. Their size range from a small Studio (370 sq ft); two 1 bedroom houses (avg. 1,265 sq ft), three 2 bedroom houses (avg. 1,245 sq ft), one 3 bedroom house (1,295 sq ft), and four 4-bedroom houses (avg. 1,665 sq ft).

All of our homes are heated by wood, which comes from fallen trees on our own land. Water is supplied from our well.


Community Building

We call our Community Building “the HUB”. The building contains a modest kitchen, a guest/kids playroom, two bathrooms, and a large gathering room. We use the HUB for our pot-lucks, seasonal celebrations, movie nights, yoga/Pilates sessions, music gatherings, dances, business meetings, etc.



Animals have long been a part of individual Member’s life. Over the years, horses, goats, sheep, cows, llamas, chickens, pigs have lived here and enjoyed by all.

The Barn also contains a small office space and storage for community Members.



Consist of one large room with wood working tools, a room for general repairs, a painting room, a “craft” room, and a small office.

Outside of the Shop is where general plumbing, electrical, truck, tractor, chainsaw and miscellaneous supplies for Community needs are stored.


1-Bodkin House-crop
2-Chris-Amy House-crop
5-Linda's House-crop
6-Maija-Gabriel House-crop
7-Newman's House-crop
8-Saltzberg House-crop