Monan's Rill



maija What a privilege to live in a place where people strive to live in harmony with each other and their beautiful, natural environment.  – Maija
 _dsc5098 More than half my life living in Community
deep life long connections to people and this land
and its magical inhabitants!  – Ken
_dsc5151 For me living in community allows an interpersonal existence somewhere between family, business partners and friends. This can be frustrating, but is mostly rewarding. Monan’s Rill’s rural location is important for me partly because of the nature, but mostly because of the degree of self sufficiency that it entails.  – Chris
_dsc6371 Very early in the morning, before people and during the night, the night creatures. I love the night sounds. I love the challenge of living together. This is Home, Family.  – Sue


_dsc5156 I love that the sounds I hear throughout the days and nights are nearly all either nature sounds or my neighbors having fun.  – Megan
_dsc5160 It’s amazing how the person who bothered me the most 10 years ago is now the person I respect the most. That’s what can happen when you commit to getting along for the long haul. I love sitting by the spring every morning. The way the hills fold up around us and block the hum of civilization. All I hear are birds.  – Joan
_dsc5097 Here on the land my favorite time of day is sunrise – the world is all butter scotchy, bird calls, gentle air in summer and crackley crisp, silver blue in winter. I’ve lived for so many years in community that, like sunrise, I can not imagine my life with out it.  – Renee
_dsc5139 I love that the land feels like a green cradle when I come home. And when the fog rolls in I feel like we are rocking on the sea below. I love feeling safe and nourished and supported. I love having other adults in my children’s lives.  – Amy
gabe What a wonderful place to feel the peace of nature and the connection with so many people. We are very fortunate.  – Gabriel
_dsc5092 I love having a safe place for children, a village that loves children. The silence, especially the quiet at night is stunning. Every once in a while I find myself face to face with animal presence, a bobcat or a fox. You can’t find that in a sub-division and it’s priceless. People are family here, and they’ve slowly taught me about family, not because we agree and are alike, but because we don’t and aren’t. This is the greatest gift. The human ecology of community life.  – Mike
Monan’s Rill is my extended family that I chose, and continue to be connected to. My relationship to each individual, and the community as a whole, is something I strive to improve. It’s fun being involved in other people’s lives!!!  – Frankie
_dsc5106 I love this deep relationship with the land, and with my neighbors. Each season brings its own smells and sounds. The redwing blackbirds returning to the pond, the first acorns dropping and rolling down the roof, the smell of the first rains, my neighbors laughing. It makes my day today life rich, to be a part of all these relationships.  – Penny
linda The soul afraid of dying never learns to live.  – Linda
When I wake up in the morning the day is full of endless possibilities. It starts with eating healthy food from the land, energizing walks with so much to discover, people to talk to, a friendly wave to a neighbor, a happy hello to goats and chickens, a wheelbarrow of soil to be moved, a basket of apples and a jar of figs to be collected. Soon it is dark again and a silver moon settles upon a black and silent forest. I thank the universe for letting me be here.  – Uta